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"I barely had enough money in my bank account to pay for the course. I followed the steps and now have a legit video business and I'm doing something I really love. None of this would have been possible without Mark and the course."

Barrett Rodda - Story Short Films - CA


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Meet Brian

"The course is straight to the point, well structured, great examples to illustrate the learning and really easy to follow with absolutely no fluff or fillers."

Meet Jessie

"I got through the second video and I was just like you know what… there’s no way I am asking for my money back for this because it was just SO informative! My notepad caught fire that day I was scribbling down notes so fast."

Meet Marc

"I still remember watching the first webinar that Mark and Gebbs put on...I was working a job that didn't fulfill me, and wanting to do more with my life. The courses within Handcrafted Films gave me the confidence to start my own business - and within year two of starting my business, I DOUBLED MY INCOME. The way Mark breaks down the classes, make it very easy to learn new skills. 

Meet Mollie

"After taking this course I felt way more confident and I was making way more money then I thought I ever would."